Canadian Disability Advocates Inc. Privacy Policy

  1. Objectives & Scope of Privacy Policy
  2. Collection, Use & Disclosure of Personal Information
  3. Consent
  4. Accuracy
  5. Retention
  6. Security
  7. Access to Personal Information
  8. Amendment of CDA’s Privacy Policy
  9. Contacting CDA
  1. Objectives & Scope of Privacy Policy

Canadian Disability Advocates Inc. (CDA) is committed to protecting the privacy of our applicants. Accordingly, we have prepared this Privacy Policy outlining our policy and practices concerning the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information. 

This Privacy Policy governs Personal Information collected from and about applicants who are or may employ the services of CDA and those other individuals outside of the CDA with whom we work.

By signing an agreement with us, using our website, if any, or otherwise engaging or participating in CDA’s services, the Applicant acknowledges having read, understood and agreed to be bound by this Privacy Policy, and as it may be modified from time to time.

In the event of questions about: (i) access to Personal Information;  (ii) the collection, use, management or disclosure of Personal Information by or on behalf of the CDA; or (iii) this Privacy Policy, individuals should contact CDA directly, which contact information is available at the end of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Collection, Use & Disclosure of Personal Information

For the purposes of this Policy:

“Applicant” means an individual who has requested or used the services of the CDA, and includes any individual(s) related to the Applicant and is also referred to as “you”;

“CDA” also referred to as “we” or “us” includes the Canadian Disability Advocates Inc.;

“Personal Information” means any information, recorded in any form, about an identified individual, or an individual whose identity may be inferred or determined from such information.

CDA collects such personal information from the applicant(s) reasonably required for the purposes set out in this policy, for other reasonable purposes, and as may be required by law. This information is retained only for as long as is necessary or relevant for the purposes set out in this policy or as may be required by law. Types of information collected by CDA include, but are not limited to:

  • Contact and Personal Information that you provide to us, such as: your name, address, telephone number, email address, and Social Insurance Number.
  • Financial Information that you provide to us, or that we obtain from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or provincial or other governmental agencies.
  • Medical Information that you provide to us or that we obtain from any and all health professionals that you have authorized us to deal with.
  • Technical Information that we gather from the use of our website, such as your IP address, browser language, and other information relating to the navigation of our website.

CDA will use the information collected to provide our services, to bill and collect our fees, and to provide marketing materials to you relating to our services. From time to time CDA may provide you with marketing materials relating to services offered by any third parties but we will not disclose any of your personal information except as explicitly set out in this policy.

Where an Applicant does not wish to have his or her name and personal contact information disclosed to other organizations as provided in this Policy, or where an Applicant does not wish to receive information on other services, he or she may so inform the CDA, which notice must be made in writing to the CDA.

CDA may disclose Personal Information of applicants to organizations or individuals that perform services on behalf of the CDA and include the following individuals as well as disclosure in the following circumstances:

  • To the primary contact(s) with respect to the Applicant file.
  • To health practitioners/professionals that the Applicant has authorized us to deal with, in connection with the provision of CDA’s services.
  • To CRA or provincial agencies, in connection with the provision of CDA’s services.
  • To service providers that CDA may retain from time to time, such as data backup or credit card processing providers, provided that in such cases CDA will only disclose such information as is necessary for the performance of such services.
  • To collect amounts owing to CDA.
  • In the event of a sale or transfer of CDA’s business.
  • If the information is already publicly known.

CDA may also disclose aggregated information that is compiled using the Applicant’s personal information, but does not identify you individually.

Please note that there are circumstances where the use and/or disclosure of Personal Information may be justified or permitted, or where we are obliged to disclose information without consent.  Such circumstances may include:

  • where required by law or by order or requirement of a court, administrative agency or other governmental tribunal;
  • where we believe, upon reasonable grounds, that it is necessary to protect the rights, privacy, safety or property of an identifiable person or group;
  • where it is necessary to permit us to pursue available remedies or limit any damages that we may sustain; or
  • where the information being disclosed or used is in the public domain.

In situations where we are obliged or permitted to disclose information without consent, we will not disclose more information than is required in the applicable circumstances.

  1. Consent

The CDA considers that where a person provides Personal Information to the CDA the person consents to our collection, use and disclosure of that Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.  We may seek additional specific authorizations or consents from time to time where required by law or in situations where we consider these to be necessary or appropriate, for example with respect to health information.

Subject to applicable legal or contractual restrictions to which an individual may be subject, an individual is free to refuse or withdraw his or her consent to the collection, use or disclosure of his or her Personal Information at any time upon reasonable notice in writing to the CDA. It should be noted that in some circumstances the CDA can only provide certain services if Personal Information is made available.

  1. Accuracy

The CDA endeavors to ensure that any Personal Information provided by Applicants and in our possession is as accurate, current and complete as necessary for the purposes for which we use that data.

An individual who believes any Personal Information concerning that individual is not correct may request an update of the information.  We reserve the right not to change any Personal Information but will append any alternative text the individual concerned believes appropriate.  An individual may also request that we delete their Personal Information from our system and records. Note that due to technical constraints Personal Information may continue to reside in our systems, after reasonable efforts to delete it have been made.

  1. Retention

CDA keeps Personal Information for as long as it is required by law or for the reasons it was collected. We take reasonable steps to destroy, delete, or erase Personal Information which is no longer required.

  1. Security

CDA endeavors to maintain adequate physical, procedural and technical security with respect to our offices and information storage facilities so as to prevent any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of Personal Information.

CDA limits Personal Information access to the employees management has determined need to know the information in order to provide CDA services.  Under CDA policy any employee misuse of Personal Information is treated as a serious offence for which disciplinary action may be taken.

  1. Access to Personal Information

The CDA permits access to and review of Personal Information about an individual by the individual concerned. We require sufficient information to confirm the identity of the person making the request before granting access.  We endeavor to provide the information within a reasonable time.

We reserve the right to decline access to Personal Information where disclosure of the information requested:

  • could harm or threaten the interests and/or safety of others

Or where the required information:

  • is not readily retrievable and the burden or cost of providing it would be disproportionate to the nature or value of the information;
  • does not exist, is not held, or cannot be found;
  • is required not to be disclosed on any legal ground;
  • is permitted by law not to be disclosed.

Where information is not or cannot be disclosed, the individual making the request will be provided with the reasons for non-disclosure.

  1. Amendment of CDA’s Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is in effect as of February 1, 2012.  We will review, and may revise our Privacy Policy from time to time and at any time.  Policy changes will apply to the information collected from the date of the revised Policy as well as to existing information held by us. You may request a copy of this Privacy Policy at any time by contacting us. 

  1. Contacting CDA

CDA invites you to contact our privacy contact with any question or concern you may have with respect to your Personal Information or this policy.

Privacy Contact:

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