What We Do For You

You may be eligible to receive up to $70,000 for minors
or  $20,000 for adults.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.netWorking with Your Doctor to Ensure Your Approval

Canadian Disability Advocates will work with your doctor(s) by reviewing the necessary medical forms to make sure that they are free from error. Sometimes, doctors are in a hurry and make small mistakes or forget to answer a question.

Should the doctor have a problem completing, or has questions regarding the medical form, we can contact him/her to directly to assist them and answer any questions they have regarding the program.

Once the medical documents are returned to our office, we will review them prior to submitting them to the CRA, to get your claim processed.

Maximizing Your Resulting Tax Refund

Our consultants are experts at making sure that you receive every penny you are entitled to.

We make sure that you receive what you are entitled to and unless we are successful, you pay nothing so there is absolutely no risk to you! We also are here to communicate, advocate and support you throughout the entire process start to finish.

At Canadian Disability Advocates it is our job to help you benefit from all of the tax credits that CRA has made available for you.

To start an application our process is simple. Call us and provide us with some basic details about yourself or the person with the disability. We will send you a package containing several forms that need to be completed and returned to our office.

If you do not receive any money back from the government we will fight your case until we have exhausted all available avenues.

What you can Expect from Us

We will explain what the Disability Tax Credit is and how it can benefit you.

We will send you a welcome package with information about us and the forms you need to complete to start the application process.

We will look at your history to gain an in-depth understanding on how you are affected daily by your impairment and we will become your representative.

We will contact your medical practitioner to complete the necessary forms.

We will review your medical report before it is sent to Revenue Canada and inform you on the strength of your case.

You can be assured that we take most of the stress out of this process, as it can be very frustrating when dealing with the medical reports and the government.

You will not need to contact Revenue Canada as we will do all of the communicating for you.

Once we have filed your application we will follow up with Canada Revenue Agency on a regular basis and inform you of any decisions as soon as they are made.

Once your application has been approved we will check to make sure you receive the maximum  financial benefit available to you.

We also encourage you to contact us at tax time, so you can be sure that you are receiving all the benefits you deserve each year going forward with your approval.

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